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Pow, a great game to play in circle.

In this game, participants are standing in cirlce (cowboys) with 1 person in the middle (sheriff).

When the sherif points at someone, that person must crouch really fast. The cowboys on each side must then face each other and shoot the other making a gun gesture and saying “Pow”. The first to say pow wins and the other  is eliminated. When there is only 2 participants left, they must do a classic duel where they are back to back, walk 3 steps, turn around and say “pow”.

Variant : instead of eliminating participants, we like to stick stars stickers on participants and the one with the less stars will be the winner.

“Non-violent”: The sheriff is a zoo keeper instead and the participants are “future elephants”. When  the zoo keeper points a particimant, he must do the elephant trunk and the players on each sides must do the elephants ears. The players who was the fastest gets a sticker. We never used elimination for this variation because we always did it with younger kids.

Author: Franky

My name is Franky and I love games. I beleive that "unplugged" games connect people and I would like you to have access to as many games as possible.