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Stratego, an epic group game

Looking for a fun game to play with a rather large group? Stratego is an outdoor game that is an adaptation of the classic board game and it can either be used as a capture the flag game or a “tag” game.

Each group has a set of cards:

1 number one cards, 2 number 2, 3 number 3 , 4 number 4 … all the way up to 9. In addition, each group has 2 bomb cards and 4 defuser cards

Then each team has to find the flag of the other team or just run around and touch members from the other team.

Once they touch, the players show their cards and the player with the lowest number wins the encounter and bring back the other player’s card to the group leader. The player who just lost his card goes back to the group leader to get a new one.

The bombs cannot touch anyone and they win every encounters except against defusers.

The game goes on until one player brings back the other team’s flag (If you’re playing the “capture the flag” version) or if one team is out of cards.

The cards should be distributed at random to give everyone a chance to be number one or a bomb.

Tip: You can make the game goes longer by having someone bring to the other team the cards they lost and then stop the game whenever you feel like it.

Tip: You may also use 2 decks of cards:  Ace to 9, 2 jokers as bombs and four jacks as defusers.

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